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About Us

The Chokhani Group is a leading Indian Family office, in businesses of Pharmaceutical, Animal feed supplements, Real estate projects, Warehousing services, Financial services, Angel and Venture Capital Consultancy along with investments and the Indian partners to the Indo-Candian Fund house, Zone Startups India Fund.


Founded in 1970s under the leadership of Anil Chokhani, The Chokhani Group continuous to prevail in the Market till date.


The Group has made a strong impression in the Indian and Global Pharmaceutical market since its inception. Reliability and superior service standards set us apart from our competitors in the Pharmaceutical market. Trust and satisfaction helps us retain our customer.

The Chokhani Group started with modest trading operations. Today, it is one of the largest importers and most reputed participant in each of its industries. With more than four decades of experience, the group has a presence in over 10 countries. It has carved a niche for itself in the world Financial Services and Warehousing Services too.


Further, Chokhani Group is also actively involved in financial investments, commodity trading and real estate.

The Group believes in fair practices, continuous upgradation, and best practices to achieve best quality with price competitiveness. We pride ourselves in our reliable pool of staff and management, characterised by low attrition and high team spirit. Continuous training and sound Human Resource Management practices have been the main stay for years. The group provides opportunities for career growth and maintains transparency at all levels of the organization on an ongoing basis.

Chokhani Group management team consists of highly qualified professionals, finance, and general management experts with vast and varied industry experience at the domestic & international level.
By thus leveraging its strong financial position, professional culture and collective experience, the Chokhani Group has embarked on a journey of robust growth to propel itself onto the next level of global commerce.

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